Slow boot times with i7 and SSD

First of all i would like to thank anyone reading this as i really appreciate the help.

Rig stats:
-Gigabyte X58A-UD3R v2.0 (i have updated bios)
-intel i7 950 @ 3.07HHz 4.00GHz water cooled (not overclocking)
-16GB XMS3 DDR3 RAM (2 x 8)
-2 x Nvidia 580GTX SLI - 797 core clock, 2025 mem clock, 1050mV (overclocked with MSI Aferbuner) air cooled
-OCZ Verex 100GB SSD
-2 x 2TB HDD
-2 x 1TB HDD
-OCZ ZT 650W Bronze Cerified PSU
Big PC case with 8 fans and fan controller

Slow boot:
Well what i mean is it's slow loading the windows desktop on start up, the MB boots up fine as it always has done, it's only when i get the windows loading logo where i notice it is slower.
Windows logo used to take about 3 seconds, now take about 17
once i put my password in on the lock screen it then takes between 27-31 seconds to load my desktop (just get the blue 'welcome' screen with the rotating ring) this used to load instantly

Windows is installed to SSD as well as BF3 and that is it..
Everything else including IE downloads newsgroup downloads EVERYTHING else goes onto the HDD's
My pagefile.sys is 16GB (i have disabled the hibernation file)
So i tried disabling the pagefile as it shouldn't need it with 16GB of RAM (am i right?)
Boot up is approx 4 seconds slower with pagefile disabled so i leave it on but it's a massive percentage of my SSD.
I have disabled unwanted startup programs in msconfig, done a registry clean up, uninstalled un wanted games / programs (these where stored on the HDD's but worth a try)
I can't think what else i have tried, does anyone have any advice for me ?
other than re installing OS.
I have WoW installed and on a 5MB connection, re format is my last LAST resort

Just to add, i have searched the web for a similar scenario and I couldn't find one so apologies if this has been covered.
Thanks again

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  1. I use an SSD as my boot drive but have moved the page file to an HDD (also have 16GB of RAM). Here are the instructions on how to move the page file to an HDD:
    Try that and see if it helps.
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