Why is my laptop cpu fan stopped working completely then worked back again?

It's not like normal fan working when computer gets cooler stops, when it's heating up starts working. It happened 7 days ago. And that never happened since then. But I'm still wondering why it's happened. My laptop is just a few days old. I was checking my air vent and suspiciously was being silent. After keep checking 5 to 10 min the fan still wasn't not working. And then I started running heavy software like video converting program. CPU was working 100% when I load this, fan still was not working laptop bottom was getting heated up. Then decided to check my cpu temp and installed everest ultimate edition. Everest doesn't recognize both cpu temp and fan. I restarted laptop because my laptop was getting hotter. And when I restart it, laptop fan started working normally. CPU temp, fan speed are recognized in everest software. After I noticed that in system cooling policy settings was in passive mode on battery. Did it cause this? Is there anyone experienced problem like this before? Why it's happened?
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  1. You posted in a big blob. It's hard to read.

    I gather that you're wondering why your laptop fan finally kicked in.

    Laptops get hot when you push them hard. They also get hot when you don't have proper ventilation (ie on a blanket or on your lap).

    The fan only turns on when you really need it. If you don't hear it most of the time, that's correct.
  2. I just want to write every detail of it as possible as I can. Because people like you don't understand what really is the problem.
  3. It is indeed a good practice to write in short paragraphs to make reading and problem isolation easier. Having said that, you post is not cluttered that bad :).

    Passive mode on battery explains everything. To run you laptop longer on battery, your BIOS will disable your fan (avoiding power drain) and cool your laptop without forced air cooling. This means that running taxing programs on your system on battery will heat up your cpu. At this point do remember however that laptop cpu s are designed for better thermal resistance and they can run hotter than comparable desktop counterparts.

    furthermore, Laptops have a lot of ICs cramped into a small space so do not get too anxious with a little heat.

    Since a lot of power saving features get enabled while on battery, Everest may only provide credible info while running plugged to power source. Consider it a situation similar to how you cannot refresh your Windows Experience Index on battery mode.

    So either enable active cooling while on battery in BIOS (if that is an available option) or prefer to run heavy programs while plugged into a power source and like Pete pointed out ensue the ventilation is proper.

    All in all your system is performing the way it should.

    good luck
  4. sd_3223 said:
    I just want to write every detail of it as possible as I can. Because people like you don't understand what really is the problem.

    Just curious, what do you mean "people like me"?

    If you mean "kind and unpaid members of the community that you are politely asking advice of"--- yes. We like our details and we like them organized into digestible chunks. If you meant something else, I'm all ears.

    Regardless, I offered an answer to your question. A fellow user provided a similar response with greater elaboration, and this is the right answer. Your laptop is doing its job; your fan is behaving normally.

    Try to remember: it's YOUR job to know how to post correctly. It's NOT my job to answer. I do this to say thanks to the people here who have helped me. Not for you--- for them.

    You didn't pay for this. In the real world, "Your people" is the kind of phase that can cost you your job. Try to use it with a bit more restraint.
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