Gigabyte HD 7950 3GB Overclock Settings?

Hello are my settings good or i should i change them;

GPU Clock: 1165mhz
Memory Clock: 1400mhz
Power Control: 8%

I am using AMD overdrive and Unigine Heaven to benchmark all settings maxed.

My score was
On Stock:
FPS: 33.1
Score: 833
Min FPS: 18.7
Max FPS: 70.9

FPS: 37.9
Score: 935
Min FPS: 19.0
Max FPS: 81.0

Other Information:
i7 3770k @4.2ghz
16gb 1600mhz ram
120gb kingston ssd
Corsair 650W Modular gold psu

So what you think :)

Tempretures on stock get to 65c on the benchmark
Tempretures on overclock get to 70c on the benchmark

During gaming never over 64c
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  1. IMO you are hitting the max possible overclock settings... check this out:,15.html

    And I think you have done a gr8 job. Rest on your laurels for a while before starting again. :D
  2. i have gigabyte windforce 7950(900core/1250memory stock) and i can't go over 1000/1400 even with 15% power games start to crash.i have corsair 750w modular bronze psu and also 2x 140mm bitfenix fans pushing air to the gpu at 80% fan speed
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