Why is my laptop cpu fan stopped working completely then worked back again?

It's not like normal fan working when computer gets cooler stops, when it's heating up starts working. It happened 7 days ago. And that never happened since then. But I'm still wondering why it's happened. My laptop is just a few days old. I was checking my air vent and suspiciously was being silent. After keep checking 5 to 10 min the fan still wasn't not working. And then I started running heavy software like video converting program. CPU was working 100% when I load this, fan still was not working laptop bottom was getting heated up. Then decided to check my cpu temp and installed everest ultimate edition. Everest doesn't recognize both cpu temp and fan. I restarted laptop because my laptop was getting hotter. And when I restart it, laptop fan started working normally. CPU temp, fan speed are recognized in everest software. After I noticed that in system cooling policy settings was in passive mode on battery. Did it cause this? Is there anyone experienced problem like this before? Why it's happened?
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  1. factory fault bring it back as soon as possible
  2. Fan is still working ok.
  3. yep my hp dv 6 (amd) will stop the fan completely at times under Pasive cooling settings(it throttles the cpu speed to maintain temp limits and only spins up fan if it has to. I leave it on active (raise fan speed over throttleing cpu) remember though I have cool n quiet which shuts down cpu at times too.
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