Help!! My intenso 640gb hard drive is not responding to my HP laptop.....

My Intenso 640gb isn't responding to my HP laptop. The green light stays on but it's no where and I have looked under Disc Management and it is not there. Help please....
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  1. Do you know the difference between storage and memory?
  2. My hard drive stores my files....will that help solve my problem?
  3. Only if you ask it in that forum. Currently you write into memory.
  4. If you are looking under Disk Management, that is a Windows program so you are already using the hdd unless you are referring to the BIOS.

    If you are unable to boot to the hdd, it might be that the laptop does not recognise the hdd, some of them don't recognise over 260 gb hdd particularly netbooks.

    Make and model of the laptop?
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