Silicon Power Introduces Velox V50 SSDs

Here's another entry to Silicon Power's portfolio of SSDs.

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  1. looks pretty boring specs wise.
  2. Why does this name remind me of Indiana Jones?
  3. agree, its blah, nothing new that isn't already out in the market
  4. Well, if the 32GB and 64GB are priced competitively, this is actually a great thing - currently, most drives that small are expensive and slow (relatively). That means that if these aren't, we could have something to put in budget computers, which are the ones that could use the benefits of a SSD boot drive the most.
  5. I assume it's using TLC NAND judging by the poor write speeds, which makes the 32/64GB drives pretty terrible purchase due to dreadful endurance in comparison to MLC counterparts.
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