How bad will a Phenom II 955 bottleneck a GTX 660?

How bad will a Phenom II 955 bottleneck a GTX 660?

I've been planning to upgrade my rig a bit later this year when Haswell and GTX 700s are released, but since there's a strong possibility the 700s will be delayed until next year, I figured I might as well get a new GPU now, then get a new CPU and mobo in the summer.

I'm upgrading from a GTX 460. I was wondering how bad my Phenom II 955 will bottleneck a GTX 660 (not Ti) in 1080p gaming with high settings. Will the increase in performance be good enough to warrant upgrading my GPU now, or would it be better to wait for Haswell and upgrade everything at once?

Edit: I do not have my CPU overclocked, by the way. It's running at stock speed. My enclosed liquid cooling started leaking so I had to switch to the stock fan that came with the CPU, and I don't plan to get a new cooler until I get a new CPU.
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  1. Given your current plans to upgrade in the summer, I'd hold off on the GPU changes until at least then.
    See here:,review-32654-7.html

    The 660 is 3 or 4 tiers up (depending in which 460 you have), which would usually make it a decent upgrade, but, as you may have guessed, the stock clocked PII955 is going to hold it back, I'll guess one or two tiers depending on game making it a fairly small upgrade.
    You COULD get a powerful card now and carry it over into the upgrade/new build in summer, but I really do n't think that would be the best option in your case.
    Save your cash.
    Be patient, Padawan!
  2. Thanks for the reply. :)

    coozie7 said:
    You COULD get a powerful card now and carry it over into the upgrade/new build in summer

    That's what I was planning with the 660. Get one card now so I can actually play some newer games (460 gets pretty low fps in a couple games that I'm currently playing), then in the summer get a second 660 for SLI.

    Also, I just read that socket 1155 coolers will be compatible with socket 1150, so I can actually get a new cooler now since it will be Haswell-ready.

    Basically I will be spending pretty much the same total amount of money whether I get one card now or upgrade everything at the same time later. The only thing that made me hesitate was the CPU bottleneck. Perhaps if I OC the Phenom 955 to 3.8Ghz it might not be such a bad bottleneck?
  3. Personally, I do n't like SLI or Crossfire, they sound like too much hassle and do n't deliver reliable results with some games doing well and others doing badly.
    But that's just me.
    Does the current motherboard support SLI? If so another option opens.
    Yes, an overclock will reduce the restriction and you could carry the cooler over into the new build/upgrade.
    You may find that an overclock and GTX660 will give you enough performance not to actually need the summer upgrade, though.
  4. the phenom will not be that much of a bottleneck. At stock it will be a small bottleneck but if you overclock it to around 3.8-4 ghz it wouldn't be a bottleneck. And since you are playing at high settings 1080p there would be less of a bottleneck.
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