I want to buy a new motherboard/processor combo for my PC. A gaming one.

As the title says i want to buy a new gaming motherboard/processor combo. Im a hardcore gamer. I play lots of games like : Bioshock Infinite, League of Legends, Crysis 3, etc..
If some of you could suggest something to me that would be great..
Btw my budget is not very high ( 250$ max)
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  1. AMD FX6300 ($129.99 @ newegg.com)
    Asus M5A99X EVO R2.0 ($119.99 @ newegg.com)

    $248.98 with free shipping

    You could save some money and go with the ASrock 970 extreme3 ($85)

    That would bring your total down to ~$215
  2. clutchc said:

    Thanks for this, but (this might be a retarded question) why is the 1st set 250 $ and it has 6 cores and runes with better speed but the last one that is 260$ runes 4 cores and less speed .. why is that if you get what im saying?
  3. Last gen technology versus current technology...

    The FX6300 is the better buy.
  4. Believe it or not, the quad core Intel is faster than the 6 core AMD processor. Especially so for gaming:

    Also, the 4 cores of the FX-6300 are actually 3 dual core modules with a lower IPC (Instructions Per Clock). But the FX-6300 will not let you down. Even being "slower" than the i5-3470, it still is impressive at gaming with a good graphics card.
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