Brand New Laptop. Noisy fan.

Hello, I am new to this website.
I currently bought a new gaming laptop 3 weeks ago.
The laptop model is msi ge70 onc.
I bought the laptop mostly for video editing,watching movies, photo editing and surfing the web.
I sold my pc and bought this new laptop because my old PC was really bad and it was cheaper to buy a gaming laptop then to upgrade the old PC parts.
Anyway I bought the laptop online from a website "".
The laptop came 3 days before the arrival date. I was really happy about the laptop.
It had windows 8 preloaded.
I installed a few software like gimp, sony movie studio, firefox, avast, malwarebytes, few games and copied all the files from the previous pc to this laptop.
I realized after installing all these software that the laptop fan is really noisy.
When the laptop boots up the fan goes to about 50% (Bios screen)
Most of the time the fan blows out cold air.
But the most annoying thing about this laptop is that when I open a light software like firefox,wordpad.....
The fan starts up 100% for 5 sec and then settles
I am really annoyed about this fact when my previous computer was running 100% it was quieter than this laptop on boot.
Any suggestions?
I paid for this laptop 977 euro and I was expecting a better quality laptop then this.
Here are some images of the PC:
Virus scans
By the way if I have any spelling mistakes I am sorry because English is my third language.
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  1. Oh and forgot to mention my family has 4 laptops and the oldest one (7 years old) runes quieter than this
  2. Hi :)

    Thats normal fan action for a modern can alter some of the fan settings in Bios...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. I've read that the asus g75vx is super quiet but who knows. german amazon sells it with ssd

    what about non gaming laptops are they also really loud?
  4. Never mind, notebookcheck shows its only 2 decibels below your annoying machine, probably not enough.

    i on the other hand suffer a g60j asus which is 6 decibels above yours...
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