no such partition error

over the past couple weeks I have been experimenting with dual boot win7 ubuntu 12.4 (32 bit) ... I ran into some issues with ubuntu and my partitioning(not enough space to even accommodate updates [win7 was the first and changed some partitions around to accommodate ubuntu later] ) and searched a guide on how to uninstall it (it told me to delete the partitions...), apparently it didn't work out because when i booted up my build today I was presented with a screen that read:

error: no such partition.
grub rescue> _

What can I do? Someone PLEASE tell me I can save my data (though no real harm will be done... I'll just lose a couple game saves etc. and be quite depressed :( )

another concern is that i have used the computer between the time I was playing with the partitions and now...

Thanks in advance for whatever help you can give!
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  1. Error fixed... sorry for adding another of these... used win 7 install disk to repair (command was bootrec/rebuildbcd)
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