NH-D14. Good Enough for 4.6GHz 3570K?

Hi, I am getting this i5 3570k soon, and was wondering if my Noctua NH-D14 was enough for overclocking the cpu to 4.6GHz :D, as a 24/7 overclock, for gaming and casual video /photo editing. Thanks in advance
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  1. Most likely, but not all chips are the same. As long as your ambient temps are good and your case has good airflow.
  2. Yes definitely dependent on your specific chip. I would think 4.5ghz wouldn't be much of an issue. As far as the NH-D14, it is the best air cpu cooler you can buy in my opinion. I own one and it cools my Intel system as well as my Antec 920 closed loop water cooler.
  3. I can hit 4.8 on my 3570k and I also have the Noctua.I just got my FX8350 TO 5.1 ghz.\1.38\Phanteks PH-TC14PE < performs better than Noctua with 2-110 CFM Scythe Slipstream fans.
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