Bad sound card or win8 problem? (Microphone issue)

To start of. I have laptop with win8 on it and my sound card is using realtek drivers.
My Laptop:

So I bought a new microphone from Speedlink to do some commentaries and the problem is that the mic just sounds horrible on my PC. I tested it on my dads PC which have win7 and the sound quality is amazing there. I tried uninstalling drivers installing some Microsoft drivers but nothing.

Maybe it have something to do with win8? Or my sound card on laptop its just bad?

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.
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  1. UPDATE: So I uninstalled Realtek drivers and its sounds much better but! There is a static noise behind. Any help with that? Can't find a solution for that.

    Is it ok to not use Realtek drivers and just the win8 ones?
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