Please Help!!! Issue with windows 7!!!


Okay, so recently i have finished building a computer :) (my first build!)
I was really happy and i updated everything, drivers etc. I installed my Norton security onto it too.
I turn it off to go to sleep, then in the morning i turn it back on. But there's an issue. When i turn it on it goes to the 'starting windows' screen, which is fine, but then instead of it having my choose which account to use, it just has a black screen with my mouse. nothing else, just a mouse pointer and a black screen.
If you could help it would be amazing!

What i have tried:
-system restore by the windows disk. Didnt work. Came up with an error.
-going into the bios and changing what to boot off. Didnt work.

If you read all of this, thanks and if you can help me that would be amazing.
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  1. it may be virus issue
    try this
    download antimalwarebyte from this link
    install it and run it then update it if it asked
    then perform full scan to whole computer partitions from safe mode
    and remove all threats
  2. Does the monitor goto "sleep" after the Windows loading symbol finishes?

    Try booting into safe mode and reinstalling your graphic drivers or restore to a previous point
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