My first computer build, relatively low price, any suggestions

Im building my first gaming computer, I want to pay about $750-$800 for the parts. These are the parts i have so far. Intel core i5-3470, MSI B75MA-P45 motherboard, XFX Radeon HD 7870 graphics card, 8GB corsair vengeance DDR3 RAM, 1TB Western Digital caviar black hardrive, Nzxt source 220 case, 500W corsair Cx power supply and a Lite-on super allwrite 24x SATA DVD +/- RW dual layer drive-bulk- 1HAS124-04
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  1. Hi,
    Since you consider gaming, i would definitely recommend a decent slim profile CPU cooler
    If you could add a 128 Gig SSD, it can largely improve the performance of the machine at a relatively small cost, it is just a suggestion as SSD is not meant to make your gameplay faster but it can definitely reduce the game load times and help in background processes

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