Best 24'' monitor for movies and gaming? (<600USD)

I am looking for the best current monitor for (mainly) watching movies as well as gaming. The budget is, let's say, 600 USD. My only real fixed requirement: 24 inches.

Having looked through this and other sites, it seems like the top picks include:
->BenQ XL2420T (TN, 2ms, 1920x1080 @120Hz)
->Asus VG248QE (TN, 1ms, 1920x1080 @144Hz
->Asus PA248Q (IPS, 6ms, 1920x1200 @60Hz)
->Dell U2410 (IPS, 6ms, 1920x1200 @ 60Hz)

What would you recommend? Is there maybe also something else worth considering?

Thank you for help!
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  1. Any of those will be good, but from my experience and reading, the Dell U series tend to win out in image quality. A site that does pretty good reviews is maximumpc, if you can't find a review on Toms that compares the 24" monitors.
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