Best Graphic card for gaming at 1080p resolution to get best result

Hello guys, how are you i hope fine.
So I am upgrading my GPU as my 9800 gt died. I only play games and at 1080p single monitor and I dont overclock and never gonna and that is never going to change. Wana play new games like BF3 and new ones at ultra.

I have only these options in my contry ( Pakistan ) so please dont suggest anything else. rest are above budget

EVGA GTX 660 $270 / EVGA GTX 660 FTW $ 302 / Gygabye GTX 660 $276 / HIS 7870 $302 / Gigabyte 7870 $336 / EVGA 660 Ti $ 360 / EVGA 660 ti ftw $390 / Gigabyte 7950 $ 390 / HIS 7950 $352 / Sapphire 7850 $ 380.

I know here they are expensive but... So im planing on keeping the card for atleast 1.5 to 2 years. Just dont wanna spend $ 390 on a card and later come to know that same perfomance i could have gotten with $ 270 card ( coz of my resulution 1080p and only single lcd )

e7400 2.8 core 2 duo
dp45sg intel board
cooler master sielent pro M2 850w psu
4 GB DDR 3
500 GB HD

(lol i know im gonna buy new processor and board in a month or 2 looking at 3570k processor or may be non k coz i dont overclock you can suggest processor too)
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  1. If you're wanting to play BF3 on ultra you're gonna need to upgrade that CPU which means a new motherboard also. But i recommend a 660TI which costs around $385 as it's the bare minimum for playing BF3 on ultra. But gonna need an upgrade on that cpu if you're wanting to play it anywhere near ultra.
  2. If you're going to get a new motherboard/CPU/RAM then it would be wise to get the fastest card within budget right now, which would be one of the HD7950s.
    Here in the UK there's very little difference in price between the 'K' and non 'K' processors, if the same is true in Pakistan then I'd go for the 'K' version-you may change your mind and it adds a little more flexibility to the build.
  3. I went with 7950 GiGABYTE . and am pretty happy with it . I will suggest it over 660ti coz if overclocked it really does get close to 670
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