Intel i5 3570k or AMD FX-8350

I will be gaming and i was wondering if i should go for the 8 cores AMD offer? Ill be using an XFX radeon 7850 2gb core edition
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  1. What happens when 8 cores becomes a common thing though?
  2. samuellewisjoyce said:
    What happens when 8 cores becomes a common thing though?

    Then the FX8350 looks really good.

    Look at it like this:

    The i5-3570k is good for what is here right now, and it will probably be decent for a while. Though, if you want to upgrade later it will be a complete overhaul, as the LGA 1155 socket is going to be dead when haswell arrives.

    The FX8350 is only starting to see games optimized for it, and games are continually moving toward more cores with each new release that comes out. If you want to upgrade your AMD in the future, your AM3+ motherboard is supported fully through the next generation of AMD hardware through 2015.

    Food for thought.

    If you want to have slightly better now, get the i5. If you have an eye toward the future and want to upgrade later with lower costs, get the FX8350. The difference at this moment is negligible between the 2.
  3. I think ill go for the i5 for now because its my first build and ill probably make a new build withing the next year and a bit anyway, thanks for the details, much appreciated.
  4. dirtyferret said:

    P.S. save the reply, i don't feed trolls

    Then you'll never pickup another spoon or fork again... it's all just as well for me... :)

    Though, the Atkins diet works better than not eating...just thought I would let you know...
  5. Oh, look, it's this thread again. This question has never been answered before.
  6. samuellewisjoyce said:
    AMD, straight answer, none of this dieting stuff ;). Thanks

    No problem :)
  7. I might just use my money and buy a fancy toaster of some description? But thanks anyway, ill probably go for the i5 for now and if i need to upgrade in the future, that is what i shall do.
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