Gigabyte Makes a Mini PC Dubbed 'Brix'

Gigabyte is looking to take on Zotac's ZBOX nano line with "Brix."

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  1. I would guess the competition is the Intel NUC
  2. I would so like one of those with a mainstream graphics card, even mobile version.
  3. My guess is Tom's has never heard of the Intel NUC...
  4. I wonder if they worked hard on this, or if they just shat brix
  5. But can it run Crysis? Yes/No? Why/why not? Yes I'm seriously asking.
  6. Stop comparing it to Raspberry Pi. This has nothing to do with using it in schools just because it's small. Raspberry is "used in schools" to teach programming and hardware fun with GPI/I2/SPI and other pins & outputs at a much lower price than Intel NUC or Gigabyte Brix
  7. JOSHSKORN said:
    But can it run Crysis? Yes/No? Why/why not? Yes I'm seriously asking.
    Chances are it will RUN, but very badly unless you turn down the settings allot.
  8. Kinda cool it the price is good..
  9. As far as I can tell, no storage. It's got an mSATA connection, but those cards aren't free. To put any kind of local storage on it, it'll likely double the price. But I suppose the point of this is to run programs and content over a network. But then you'll need enough RAM to run it. And then it's STILL another add-on box to a terminal somewhere. I'm not sure I see a mainstream use for a product like this.
  10. The qualifications of the computer not withstanding, this is a name (Brix) I would not have chosen. When you get a BSOD it will be like 'Well What Did You Expect?'. What were you thinking Gigabyte?
  11. I won't be surprised when the first generation BRIX for many customers, lolll. Wow this brick is really sinking fast now that u pushed me off the boat with it. Also, hoping my phone doesnt BRICK bc now its all WET.
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