New motherboard bundle, CPU up to 105°c, is it now damaged?


I've recently purchased a motherboard bundle with an overclocked 3770k to 4.6GHz and a Corsair H60 heatsink. I installed the bundle but noticed that behind the fan the panels on the radiator were completely bent on one side and contacted my suppliers who sent out a replacement heatsink. I used the damaged heatsink for the mean time and it was running around 45°c in game and around 30°c when idle.
A couple of days later I received the replacement heatsink, after installing the new heatsink it was running around the 30°c mark on idle and decided to run the Windows 7 performance test to check the difference on my upgrades, but the CPU test took my CPU temperature up to 105°c. I did panic but this only lasted a couple of seconds before it started testing my hard drive. I never tested the new heatsink before running the performance test so I don't know what the temperature would have been like not idle, but now even sitting on the menu page of a game takes my heatsink around 65-75°c. If I close all my applications and leave my computer on idle for a bit the temperature does go back down to 30°c but jumps back up to the 65°c+ again when starting up any games.
Any ideas what might be causing this? I am thinking of reseating my heatsink but I'm pretty certain I seated everything correctly and that everything is secure. I don't have any spare thermal paste so don't want to reseat the heatsink until I have some paste, I have ordered some Arctic Silver 5 which will arrive soon. Do you think the 105°c would have damaged my CPU, I am under warranty still but would prefer if the CPU wasn't damaged and I had simply done something stupid. I'm worried that the 105°c damaged the CPU hence the temperature is now so high running basic programs. The thermal paste used was already applied on the heatsink as a little square.

Sorry for the long essay, just didn't want to miss out any vital information.
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  1. Did you try running the performance test before you overclocked? If not I would try resetting your cpu clock to default and run it, while checking the temps. If it's still hot I would say the issue lies with the thermal paste. I've never experienced anything like this though so I'm not sure.
  2. The CPU was supplied with the motherboard, heatsink and RAM, CPU was sold overclocked already. I didn't do a performance test with the first heatsink which was damaged which ran at around 45°c, only the 2nd (replacement) heatsink.
  3. Did you buy these components second hand?

    As i said, try downclocking the cpu to the standard Ghz and see if it's still over the top hot.
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