What gtx 650 ti boost should i buy?

i wanna buy a gtx 650 ti boost what company should i buy? fget asus cuz they are 20$ more expensive.
Thanks ~:)
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  1. well i got a gigabyte 2gb boost for 170$
  2. Gigabyte. They have better cooling and are a very good company.
  3. I just bought the EVGA 2gb card, 207$ with tax 189$ i think on sale!
  4. Here's a roundup review of several models. They liked the Gigabyte model best:

    I do think you should be on the lookout for a GTX 660. Their prices are pretty low right now, close to the price of a GTX 650 Ti Boost, and they come with a free copy of Metro: Last Light.
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