XFX Radeon HD 6870 Fan Failure

So I have a 1 GB XFX Radeon HD 6870 which I have owned for nearly a year and 3 months, and recently I got dual display 24 inch HP monitors. When I hooked up the 2nd monitor I noticed the fan was making noises after 3 hours of use. I have always used one monitor with no problems but since I got the 2nd one the GPU is taking a beat.

The fan works periodically and turns on/off and makes clicking sounds even though there is nothing in it. If both monitors are on when I play Call of Duty 4 the GPU goes to nearly 90*C + temperature and has even shutdown the computer twice when gaming. I took off the second monitor so the GPU has less strain. Since the fan is failing on the GPU, My card is still on warranty and I recently put in a ticket for a replacement.

So my question, is it worth to get an aftermarket cooler on the GPU? I want to be able to game and watch a show on the second monitor without any issues.
Is the artic something that would really increase performance or would I be good just getting a replacement from the warranty? Thanks, any advice is appreciated.

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  1. I'd advise you be patient and follow the RMA procedure.
    If you swap the cooler, you'll void the warranty-Arctic use thermal glue to attach some of the parts, making it virtually impossible to remove them, permanently ending warranty coverage.
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