Verizon Confirms 12-Month No Contract Smartphone Payments

Verizon is adding $350+ smartphones to its Device Payment Plan setup starting Sunday.

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  1. Well, I think that is good and stuff, just not for me. Since I signed my life away to them for another 2 years.
  2. Sorry Verizon. Not good enough. T-Mobile finances for 2 years with no price restriction or finance charge.
  3. It's just another contract. What these carriers really need are better prices. I was paying AT&T about $100 a month for a 3 year old iPhone 3GS. Switched to Straight Talk while still using the iPhone and now pay $45 a month. I bought a Nexus 4 at the beginning of the year and still loving it. I've done the math and over a 2 year contract, I will save $900+ compared to AT&T.
  4. Monkey see, monkey do...
  5. Monkey see, monkey do...
  6. I switched to T-Mobile as soon as their no-contract model was released, and my monthly service is now cheaper than than it was before, which included a corporate discount. The service has been excellent, and I am very happy with my new Z10 and T-Mobile. This is exactly what I have been waiting for.
  7. And for the other carriers, still ripping you off on the monthly service or limiting the devices defeats the whole purpose of this model.
  8. So unlike t-mobile you don't get to save money each month when you by your phone outright(Unsubsidized). You still have to pay retard amounts of money (The Subsidized amount) as well as a monthly "Phone Bill" Bill..........LMAO How many morons will fall for this and think they are saving.......... Sad world we live in.
  9. otacon72 said:
    sykozis said:
    Sorry Verizon. Not good enough. T-Mobile finances for 2 years with no price restriction or finance charge.

    Verizon's service is 10x better. T-Mobile isn't going to survive as a stand alone company.

    It's that "10x better service" that caused me to switch to T-Mobile. With Verizon I had constant problems over the last few years... Hell, my last "cellphone" could barely function as a phone. So far, with T-Mobile, I've had no issues.
  10. One can not bring their old phone and get only a service contract. With any GSM network, one can bring their phone, get a SIM card, put it in and you have a registered phone. That's why their offer still includes the monthly phone bill, after paying the price for the phone. It's the same money, just laid out a bit different.
  11. so.. no plan discounts, no phone discounts... you pay more but get a 12 month contract instead of a 2 year and are charged a monthly fee for the privilage... that sounds like a pretty terrible deal to me, the big 3 are just not doing it right. I will be swapping to T-mobile from sprint as soon as my contract is up tired of paying thier $10 a month "premium data charge" for the slowest connection of any carrier in town
  12. So when does my off-contract bill go down?
  13. lilcinw said:
    So when does my off-contract bill go down?

    Good luck if you're a Verizon customer. It's unlikely that they're going to reduce their prices at all.
  14. Still doesn't make sense! You are forced into spending at least $100/mth for the cost of the service while being capped at 2GB also while paying for a smartphone outright. Granted Verizon's service is better than the rest IMO BUT where I live ATT is pretty good. As others have mentioned, you can buy a phone outright and pay $45/mth for "unlimited" everything with Straight Talk. Matter of fact my contract with Verizon is up in 2.5 weeks, I have already purchased the Nexus 4 and plan on getting Straight Talk as a service. I have paid Verizon $158/mth for two smartphones (still grandfathered into unlimited data, unlimited text and 700 minutes of talk-time a month). I will recoup the cost of my Nexus 4 phone in about 6 months and be saving a little of $50 a month if paying by month with Straight Talk OR save much more by prepaying for the year. In the end, I will be saving almost $2000 in 2 years by switching - this move is a no-brainer.
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