Old Intel vs 2nd and 3rd gen Processors

In the generation of Intel processors before the 2nd generation Sandy Bridge ones with the integrated graphics, ones like the i7 960 or so wouldn't have any integrated graphics at all. Is it necessarily true that having one of the older processors is better since the CPU doesn't have to work the integrated graphics as well? A friend of mine advised that I do so because of this reason and my current gaming PC runs a 960 or 970 (can't remember which one). I know it's probably no longer an issue for discussion with modern computer purchases, but I'm curious.

Also, do they still produce these "dedicated" CPUs or are they all Sandy and Ivy Bridge ones now?
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  1. The onboard graphics are not an issue, they are easily disabled in the BIOS. In fact, intel advises if you use a discrete GPU that you disable it that way.

    If you don't want built in on board graphics, you could go to AMD, the FX series CPUs are a lot of value for the cost, and they do not have onboard graphics built in.
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