gtx 660 sli overclock, is it safe?

Hi I have two gtx 660s running in sli and an i5 3570k,
they are inside a bitfenix colossus window which is a very large case and provides great airflow however one of my fans cables doesnt reach the mobo so im only running the top fan (240mm) this is still very cool and even after playing for hours neither my gpus or my cpu has ever reached over 60 degrees celsius, also i have a fsp group aurum 700W psu and my 660's are the gigabyte models with dual fans and copper heatpipes, they have a factory overclock of 1033.
is iut safe to OC my system or would it get too hot or does my psu not have the power
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  1. You can try it yourself. having two cards but never reach 70c is quite good already.
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