Are two 7950's (Both in PCI-E 2.0) better than one?

My question is: Are two 7950's better (Both in pci-e 2.0) better than one, because of the loss in performance of the second one. The first get's 16x and the second gets 4x. Does this matter? Iver heard that they are not powerful enough to begin with to max it out. Oh well. I built my pc in May. And my 550 ti is starting to dwindle down i performance. I want to play in 1080p on bf3/4, and ghost recon future soldier, and other demanding games, on medium-high settings. Even Crysis.

This is the graphics card I was thinking on buying one of, then getting a second one when I got enough saved up:

My build currently
Asus m5a97 motherboard
AMD fx 6100 processor
500 gb hdd (7200 RPM)
gtx 550 ti (Video card)
620W power supply
8gb of ram 1333 mhz
Windows 7 64-bit
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  1. The 4x PCI-E slot will bottleneck alittle but, Your CPU will also bottleneck two cards.

    Also, crossfire is potentially subject to microstutter.
  2. According to this FCAT review, the answer to your question: "Are two 7950's better than one?" is "no".
  3. +1 to mattos advice.
    and also your 4x slot will make it run even worse, probably worse than a single card. Not to mention your current cpu is botlenecking the crap out of that gpu. If anything, stick with the single graphics card and spend your money on an 8350. the fx6100 is poop for gaming, especially if you plan to play crysis 3, skyrim or any cpu demanding game. Bf3 is not so fussed on cpu power. But really, go for an 8350 and a 7950 and you will be running pretty well.
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