Rumor: iPhone 5S to Have 12-megapixel Camera

Word on the street is Apple is hoping to better compete with Nokia's PureView camera technology.

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  1. Good luck with Apple trying to compete with Nokia's Pureview... 12MP isn't going to get them very far (808 pureview is 41MP and "EOS" is bound to better that), not to mention the lack of image stabilization or rubbish low light photos!
  2. Nice to see Apple decided to get a normal high-end camera for their high-end phone. My phone has a 12MP camera and its from 2009 though... Apple is a bit late lol
  3. I'd rather see them improve the camera's quality (and that goes for other smartphone makers as well) rather than simply continuing to increase the number of pixels on such a tiny sensor. More megapixels does not equal better quality photos.
  4. Of course this depends on who is making the camera, but I would generalize and say that megapixel count is largely irrelevant with mobile phones. Just from my own experience with my LG Optimus G, it has a 13 megapixel camera. And whether I select the saved image quality to be 5mp or 13mp, I can't see a lick of quality difference when I view photos on a large screen. Sure, this also has to do with how good the compression being used is.

    Optics are king. Maybe Apple is at a point where the MP count is actually limiting their photos...but I am skeptical...

    Regardless, it's the trend to pack more pixels in everywhere. Whether you need them, or use them, or not.
  5. Yawn... New Iphones are about as interesting as Toyota announcing a new Camry.
  6. Having different colors of a phone of this caliber will be a nightmare for phone salesmen like me. phones like these are typically in short supply when they first come out, at least with the company i work for, and if we don't have the color the customer wants, more often than not they run off to the nearest competitor to see if they have it. i've never understood that, once you put a case on it (you're either crazy or crazy rich if you don't), no one can really tell what color it is anyway! here ends my rant...
  7. Apple can't innovate anymore. All they do is put a new camera in and call it a day.
  8. OMG! 4G LTE on an iPhone, I guess its true that Apple's motto is "Carpe Praeteritum"
  9. ridiculous marketing gimmick
  10. Careful guys... Apple might sue every other company that has phones with 12 MP cameras...
  11. OMG got get this iphone......not
  12. It's the lens quality, stupid.
  13. more megapixels doesnt mean better pictures. bigger lenses mean better pictures
  14. 8MP is more than enough unless you want to go into lossless zoom areas where you cant get optical zoom, in which case you need a 41mp camera, the 5S will still have nothing on the 920, HTC One or Pureview 808
  15. At some point SNR defeats the purpose of having more pixels. Eventually you need to get more out of your optical assembly, which is rather limited due to its small size (on smartphones)
  16. Now that is truly innovative and magical.
  17. Surely this will be a brilliant feature for the clueless...
  18. Iphone is so last season.
  19. HTC One only has 4MP, and takes better photos than any of these super high MP cameras. Finally a company has realized that it's not how many MP that matters, but how good the photos are. A sensitive low resolution camera is simply better than lots of resolution and low sensitivity.
  20. As long as people think megapixels mean anything for quality of photos, things like this will continue to sell. Suckers.
  21. I think this makes for a better title:
    Fact: the iPhone is trying to catch up with the rest of the pack.
  22. And let me guess - they will introduce "drama shot" or "dual camera" as "revolutionary" improvement and brag about that on their presentation, while auditorium will yawn and watch getaway pursuit :-)
  23. More Megapixels != Better pictures

    Image sensor size gives you much better colors, contrast, low light sensitivity all of which are what make up a good picture. Having more resolution means nothing if all of these other areas suck. So the next time you're looking at your cell phone photos with 12MP, you'll see what i mean.

    Apple has taken the stance of not sacrificing said elements in favor of more marketable megapixels. I'd much rather have a 5MP camera with large image sensor pixels over a 12mp camera with small denser pixels which are less capable of absorbing light. The pictures look way better.

    I hope apple isn't going in the wrong direction with this 12MP camera.
  24. In low light situations is the sensor chip size is the same more smaller pixels gives a lower quality picture than fewer smaller pixels. At these double digit MP's on camera sensors they reduce each pixel to 1.1 micrometers each. If you are shooting in low light which is, for most people, the majority of their photos you will get a higher quality pictures using an 8MP camera with 1.4 micrometer pixels vs the higher number but smaller 1.1 micrometer pixels due to the larger pixels being able to soak up more light.
  25. Ok.... I'm sticking with my Nokia 808 PV for the next year or two. When it comes to taking pictures, there is NO PHONE that comes remotely anywhere near the PV - IMHO. :D
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