Dell Releases School-Oriented Latitude 3330 Notebook

This new Dell notebook slides easily into a school's existing IT infrastructure.

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  1. Finally SSDs are becoming offered at a lower price range, hopefully this happens in the regular consumer market as well.
  2. I bet the one for 419 is a celeron cpu.
  3. Is it just me, or is $419 kind of expensive for a 13" Intel Celeron laptop with 2GB of memory and 320GB of HDD space? Just looking at newegg, I can get an ASUS with a slightly better processor and 15.6" screen for $299. There look to be many more options that are better in that range already. Do you really think that the automation tools are worth more than $100?
  4. No 750GB hybrid hard drive option, or 1TB hybrid hard drive option? Lame, but maybe it's because it can only fit a 1-platter (7mm thick) drive in there.
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