Best Power Supply for ZOTAC Nvidia gtx 660 (non ti) AMP! Edition?

So im looking to upgrade my power supply and graphics card in the upcoming months.

My computer (HPE H8-1223):

ZOTAC Nvidia gtx 660 AMP! Edition:

SPARKLE 650w Power Supply:

Ive been looking around and think the Nvidia gtx 660 is the best option seeing as how i have a $300 limit for both my graphics card and psu, meaning the card has to be AT MOST 200 and the psu AT MOST 100 give or take a few dollars plus shipping and handling. Recently i found the Zotac AMP! edition of the nvidia gtx 660 which fits my small form factor to fit in my pc case (length less than 7.7 inches) and am pretty set on getting it. I was originally going to get a 650w but after reviewing the zotac i saw that it requires a 600w psu, which is strange since all the other gtx 660s ive found require a 450w psu minimum. So basically i am afraid of something bad happening because my psu wasnt powerful enough and just want to be sure i am prepared, is the minimum power requirement for the ZOTAC gtx 660 AMP! edition really 600w? would i be ok with a 650w psu given my pc and cpu? Do you have a better suggestion for a power supply i should use with this card and my pc (remember, $100!)? and lastly i know that the ZOTAC probably is not the best version of the gtx 660 but like i said earlier it is the ONLY card that fits my small form factor, all other gtx 660s are incredibly huge in length and width. But, if there is a better version, it has to be as big or smaller than the ZOTAC gtx 660 AMP! edition in order for me to consider it. thanks and I appreciate any help offered.
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