Software RAID mirroring in win7

i have two 1tb sea-gate barracuda drives set up as software raid 1 mirroring in windows 7. all is good and both drives boot up when selected.

question is , i just wanted to see what would happen if i actually disconnected the primary sata drive to mimic a real life dead hard drive. the computer boots up and i see the two choices i have as per the boot.ini file.

they are windows 7 and windows 7 secondary plextor. i chose the second one since i know the first is disconnected which i would in real life, and it fails to boot into windows?

Is this because the raid has been physically broken? shouldn't this work regardless,(when i re-connect the drive back it works)


any thoughts?

thanks guys.
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  1. Perhaps the drives are not numbered the way you think they are. With the drive disconnected, try booting up normally which is the way it would work on a real raid card; you'd just be notified that a drive has failed when you boot.

    edit - yeah, as I think about this what you're describing is a dual boot setup which would need the primary HDD because its got the boot loader/record on it.
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