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okay so basicallyi have been told my processor is like generations behind everyone else it is currently: intel(R) pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.40GHz, ~3.4GHz... i was wondering what you would recommend upgrading to i have a maximum budget of £100 as i only stream videos. check email, i do play the occasional game on steam too... but i already have a graphics card available from a relative when i do upgrade my CPU

also if there is any help on how i actually install the new CPU that would be great as I am a total rookie when it comes to desktops my uncle gave me this tower just to play around with but i really want to get it upgraded and working nicely for what I need to do!
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  1. Do you plan on upgrading the motherboard and CPU or only the CPU? If only the CPU, what motherboard do you have?
  2. thanks for the reply and sorry for the delay, i think with how old everything is i will want to replace the motherboard as well, if possible and it doesn't cost me too much! But my motherboard name is Hewlett- Packard 0A00h... hope this helps like i say im not looking for a massive upgrade just one that will help make streaming videos and just general use a little bit easier!
  3. Just go an find yourself a more up to date used system. HP cases are use proprietary components, making upgrading them more difficult to work with if you want to use anything other than what the system came with.
  4. well i do have more information, i have found out that the socket 775 LGA and i have managed to grab this list in terms of compatibility for CPU's with the socket i have currently:

    but as it states, these CPU's but i am not sure which is will be compatible with the current motherboard that i have, now i was wondering if you guys would be able to tell me which ones would be compatible, or which motherboard i should get in combination with which CPU that would work best for what i am wanting (which isn't a lot)
  5. Older OEM systems like yours generally are not very upgradeable. You get what they gave you and can do little more than ram.
  6. Please provide the model number of your HP system so that we can find out what motherboard is installed and which processors are compatible with it. Knowing that it's a socket 775 is not enough.

    Upgrading that system with a new motherbaord would probably require:

    - CPU
    - Motherboard
    - Memory (your old system probably uses DDR2 instead of DDR3)
    - OS (if you don't have a copy and license)
    - Rewiring the front panel connector (free if you do it yourself).

    Since that can't be done for £100, your only option is to install the fastest CPU that your motherboard supports.
  7. okay i think i have found the model number it is: X11- 45371?

    even if it meant upgrading it over a period of time i could probably stretch my budget i just felt that with the advice given that i would need to update the CPU and motherboard first?
  8. Motherboard and CPU would also require new ram. Most likely the front panel connectors are proprietary and only work with the HP board in your system. Start saving for a new rig or find a decent used one that is more up to date. Some Emachines are not proprietary for front panel and can be rebuilt. I rebuilt one for my TV rig. If you are going to buy parts slowly over time, get stuff like case, power supply, optical drive, and hard drive first. Those will change the least over the time it may take to build a new rig. You will have to get a new copy of Windows as well.
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