Sabertooth Z77 CMOS Jumper

Hi all, im just wondering if me losing the CMOS Jumper is effecting me starting up my computer? I was building my first rig last night and it wouldnt start at all, wondering if me misplacing the CLRTC jumper may be doing this? if not what effects will me not being able to find it cause?
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  1. Losing the CMOS jumper will effect your BIOS reset. I do not know how ASUS designs their CMOS, but the lack of the jumper will either continually reset the BIOS settings or maintain a stable CMOS, where you cannot reset the BIOS without properly jumpering the CMOS pins (your mobo may also have a button to reset CMOS).

    You should either find the lost jumper, cannibalize another PCB for a jumper or go to a store and get another jumper to avoid instability.

    The problem is that different manufacturers have different setups for the CMOS jumper, and the lack of a jumper may produce instability. I cannot predict the design of the ASUS mobo so I cannot give you a definitive answer.

    Look here: for more guidance.
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