LCD/LED Monitor - Which One Should I Buy out of these two?

Hi Guys,

I'm looking for a nice reputable company for monitors... not for gaming just daily use w/e.

Looking for 23.6-24' and for the price I found these two.. which one should I get out of these?



ALSO, I hear DVI is the same as HDMI almost... so it doesn't matter right which one I use? I was leaning towards using HDMI.. mhm

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  1. Between reputable monitors of the same panel, there wont be any real difference in regards to image quality. Its mainly features, size and cost that matter when picking between two monitors.

    Go for whichever you like I guess.

    + You get audio through the cable
    - No way to lock connector in
    - Can get confusing what it can and cant support, what revision of HDMI a cable is isnt apparent.

    DVI and its variants
    + Locks into connector
    + Can be adapted to HDMI/VGA easily
    + Very easy to tell what a DVI cable is capable of by looking at the connector. DVI-D is capable of very high resolutions and 1080p @ 120hz.
    - No sound unless you adapt to HDMI
  2. Thank you sir! :]
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