24" or 27" 1080p Monitor?

I will be playing games but also doing all my work on this screen. Shall I get a 24" or 27" 1080p monitor?
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  1. I have a 24" monitor and use it for both working and gaming. My only concerns with getting a 27" monitor would be that I would want to sit further back from the screen to avoid noticing the lack of quality on such a large screen. If you want a 27" I would get a 2560x1440 monitor.
  2. If you go for a 27" 1080p go for a 120hz.
  3. Why 120Hz ? It is most likely he doesn't have a rig that can play games at 120fps and when using it for work he wouldn't notice the difference.
  4. With a 120hz monitor, every thing is a lot smoother, more fluid, less input lag, virtually no screen tearing and with work or just on desktop you can notice the difference with a 120hz monitor. Watch this video I know he blabs on about all the features but he does tell you the benefits of 120hz.

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