Cold boot issue + onboard card graphics corruption (SOLVED)

Motherboard: old MSI k9a2vm v2

Hi guys, my issue is this one:

First problems started with the well known cold boot issue (I had to wait for 2 or 3 minutes for the PC to "warm up" before I get a normal boot). It was annoying at first, but I could live with it.
This problem worsened, and suddenly my on-boards graphics card (ATI 3100) stopped working properly, in the sense that I had to disable the graphics driver, and thus losing 3-d acceleration and widescreen resolution (the best output I can get is 1024*768). Whenever I wanted to enable it back, windows would crash at startup, which would force me boot failsafe and disable the ATI driver.
I also remember having seen weird video artifacts: like subtle wavy interferences, very subtle, but they were there. These stopped after disabling the driver.

Aditional info: 1) I already checked with a different PSU to no avail.
2) This is not not related to a windows&driver issue; with a linux bootable disc, I got the same graphics restriction, even though before the problem ubuntu linux would automatically run with good graphics. So it's a hardware issue.
3) I already reseted CMOS.

Now I'm using a brand new PC, but I want to sell the old one. So I need to fix it. A friend told me to check the capacitors, and I found one (only one) that is a little bit inflated. My question is: Fixing that capacitor would fix my cold boot and graphics issue? What are the odds of having another component of the motherboard seriously damaged after running electricity with a bad capacitor?

P.D: Im afraid to test my new graphics card in that Motherboard, I feel like I'm putting it under risk. I don't trust that mobo. Am I wrong about it?
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  1. No clue?
  2. Update: I replaced the damaged capacitor and now everything works like charm. If anyone ever have this issue, do the same i did.
  3. The capacitors holds the power requirement for all components so if one is damaged or even bloated, it would not hold its requirement therefore affecting everything. You were lucky to find that problem otherwise I'd have thought it would have been that the motherboard has been modified by the manufacturer for all the wrong reasons. It only uses DDR2 ram, requires as much as a 65 watt cpu, and yet offers values similar to some of the better motherboards.

    I doubt that anyone, in their right mind, would want to buy it however, you might get as much as $50 for it, if the right customer came along.
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