Biostar FM2 Motherboards Now Support AMD Richland APUs

With the appropriate BIOS and driver update, Biostar's full range of FM2 motherboards support AMD's "Richland" APUs.

Biostar FM2 Motherboards Now Support AMD Richland APUs : Read more
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  1. When I built my fm2 desktop I went with the cheapest chip I could (A4) just so i could get one of the new A10s. Hopefully it is worth the wait.
  2. Looking forward to the benchmarks for this generation. Although, I am not sure why you decide to mention the laptop SKUs in this article as those chips don't even pertain to this headline.
  3. Not sure what all the mobile stuff is about ....

  4. looks nice for 35w quad core with radeon hd 8650 on die
  5. I believe that's 65w :) But, you are more correct than you realize :lol:

    I've got a 65w A10-5700, and under 100% load it seldom wanders past 41-42w.
  6. computer ke jaankari chaiye
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