Spilt energy drink on tower, but computer still loads (Black screen)

I realize a lot of people have spilt drinks onto their computer, but I am confused by my situation. Right after I spilt my drink, I turned the computer off and waited a day to turn it back on. When I turned it on, I heard the beeps associated with the computer starting and the sound windows makes when it has booted to log in, but there is no video. It seems as though the computer boots, but there is no video input. I have tried replacing the video card and nothing changed. I am guessing it is the mobo? All of the fans still run, which makes me think the mobo is not dead, but I am not that computer savy.
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  1. I agree, most likely a issue with the pci-e slot that got greamed when u spilt ur soda on it. also keep in mind that soda is highly corosive, so it may have destroyed more than the motherboard, so dont think this is a quick fix
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