will nvidia be better than amd cards if physx disabled as amd doesn't have it

like if i put physx on cpu will it improve my fps? and will nvidia beat amd similar priced gpu if physx is on cpu like amd?
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  1. first of all you need to understand about physx. off loading physx processing onto gpu will slow down the performance. but that's only true if the calculation are suppose to be done on gpu and not cpu. this only related for games with gpu accelerated physics. with amd gpu those physics effect are disabled. for new version of physx some of the complex calculation can be done on cpu (borderlands 2) but it will lower the frame rates.

    currently nvidia are working to make physx to be more cpu friendly
  2. Neither card is particularly superior or inferior. At the same price they are pretty much equal. AMD seems to have more processing power for the price on the low end though.
  3. PhysX on the CPU is much slower than on a Nvidia GPU.
    Physics on the CPU, there is no difference between AMD or Nvidia.
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