why is my cpu super hot, but not my mother board and hardrive

I've got an ENVY dv6-7210us laptop and when I look at the cpu temps through piriform speccy it say that my cpu idles from at about 89 C. The mother board is at 39 and the hardrive is at 35. I'm not sure why the cpu is so hot, this is the first time I've ever check the temperature of my computer so maybe its normal but from the research I did it doesn't seem right. Thanks for the advice
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  1. Hard Drives normally only reach 50c under full load. Motherboards as well reach 50c under full load. Laptop CPUs however can reach higher and to me it sounds like you either have a dust filled heatsink or a bad CPU fan.

    The way most laptops cool their components is they have a heatpipe that goers from the chipset to the CPU then to the fins and a fan spins pulling air from the bottom of the laptop and out the back or side. With this setup the CPU gets more heat. Of course it depends on each setup but that's normal.

    Check the heatsink fins for dust and make sure the fan is spinning as 89c is a bit too high for idle.
  2. When I check the cpu temp with the program 'core temp' it says the temp is 41 degrees. When I use hwmonitor I get this http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/5546/hwmonitorn.jpg
    I'm not sure what these temperatures mean, if you could explain that would be nice. I was going to check to see if the fans were dusty but there was one screw that got stripped so its not coming out anytime soon. It's not like my computer is running slow at all, and it's only a couple of months old, i'm just confused by the different temperature readings cuz I don't really know what they mean.
  3. The HP 182D is probably a temp for the chipset which looks normal.

    The AMD A8-4500Mm is the CPU which looks too hot. Fell next to the vent to see if any air is coming out. You can buy a can of compressed air at most stores and use that to try and dust it out but it may be a bad fan overall.
  4. Ok I'll try to get it cleaned out or replaced. Thanks for your help!
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