Asus' ROG RAIDR PCIe SSD Spotted

More details and images of Asus' ROG RAIDR Express have surfaced.

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  1. When I saw the first photos during CES I thought it was a video card!
  2. Im not up to date with current mobos... can we boot to a pci drive? That would make for a killer boot drive!
  3. Looks like a longer version of my XFI Fatality sound card. So basically 2 SSDs in raid put into a pci express card. Nice read/write speeds. If this is priced right it should do well. Thinking below $300 for the 240gb option?
  4. firefoxx04 said:
    Im not up to date with current mobos... can we boot to a pci drive? That would make for a killer boot drive!

    Yes PCI-E does allow booting. I do believe the motherboard has to support it but it is allowed. I think most newer board already do support PCI-E booting.
  5. Isn't the Z87 boards coming going to support TRIM and NCQ for RAID SSDs?
  6. How about letting us put our own ssds in
  7. Can you SLI it? hehe
  8. Just in case readers haven't been keeping up with the latest developments, this is the beginning of the migration to consumer oriented PCIe solid state drives. The new SATA Express standard is in the very last stages of ratification. We should be seeing new motherboard SATA and PCIe connectors and new consumer PCIe ssd's sometime around the end of the year.
  9. Quite nice indeed.
  10. Sexy device. Good solution for Sata II bound MBs (e.g. X58/Soc1366 MBs) that still have a lot of life left but could take advantage of faster primary disk access. I'll have to put one of these on my list.
  11. mm i think for 240gb this should be between 250 and 400 usd, and then Add the Asus Rog plus.... my guess its we are looking at a 500 usd storage
  12. If anyone wants something to compare to, I just set up a raid 0 array of 2 Samsung 840s(non pro) and I get 1112mb/s read, 505mb/s write.
  13. Trim for Raid 0 on Windows 7/8 has been around since the end of last year. The specs of this thing do not impress me too much. I have two standard SSDs in Raid 0 with Trim and I get 1GB sequential read/write speeds.
    I have a Samsung 840 Pro 512GB. I would LOVE to have a RAID 0 array in this thing. 1TB of blistering speeds would be awesome.
    I think Asus missed an opportunity by requiring you to buy it with their drives.
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