EK Releases New Look for Supremacy CPU Blocks

EKWB has announced the arrival of a new CSQ among CPU blocks with a cleaner design.

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  1. Actually these blocks are here to replace the circle design, a poll on block design was held by EK and plain beat circles with clear also beating frosted, in both cases by a landslide. As a result the circles/frosted design was scrapped for HD7990/Titan water blocks and all future water blocks. The old CPU blocks will remain in production for a while as their predecessors did (easier in this case as they are essentially the same block), however no new blocks are going to be created using the circle design.
  2. pretty sure the circles were an attempt to define themselves from other brands like noctua with their caramel colour
  3. Much cleaner, I like it. That being said, I agree with the big troll that the circles kinda made EK's brand - just like noctua, it's hideously ugly, but that's how you know it's a good part. :P
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