Low profile CPU cooling for a microATX case.

building a general use PC for a family member. Specs:
AMD A10 5800K
Gigabyte mATX mobo
CIT S011b slim Case

Concerned that I won't get an after market cooler in that case. Do you think this low profile one would be up to the job? I don't know how much heat these things kick out.
My backup option is to downgrade to the A10-5700 which uses a lot less power.

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  1. That cooler looks about the same as the one that comes with the CPU so just use that.
  2. The Arctic alpine 64 GT is similar to the stock amd heatsink. It will be quieter though.

    If it fits your budget, check out the Scythe Shuriken Rev. B - SCSK-1100

    It comes with a 120mm fan, its silent & should cool better than the stock heatsink.
  3. HS/F - Coolermaster Gemini or Noctua NH L12 if you got some extra cash.

    Closed loop - Corsair H40, nice small unit which uses a single 120mm Radiator and fan, you can get more mounting screws and do a custom Push/Pull if you want more cooling power. The benefit here is that the radiator is mounted to the rear exhaust or roof of your chassis, you can also buy LP fans if needed while the H40 is just enough performance to make it a low cost water cooled option.
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