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I am looking to build a desktop for myself that will be playing some games e.g. Skyrim, Rome Total War II which I won't need to have them on the highest settings. I live in the UK with a budget of £400 but generally as low as possible. I would like some longetivity in terms of games coming out in the next few years. I know this is a tight budget but I would be open to spending £450 if the gains are worth it.

A second question would also be what to do with my really really old desktop which has a dual intel celeron at like 2.13 Ghz with no dedicated memory. It has no dedicated graphics and limited RAM (1GB but I might upgrade to 4GB) and am thinking of turning it into a personal torrent system or a NASbox , any advice or criticism would be greatly appreciated as I am a beginner and don't know very much.
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  1. i have recently buils a system for £400 and it runs like a boss, i would recomend the following :

    i3 3220
    xfx 7770
    msi z77-g43
    wd black 1tb
    and any old case, maybe a fractal design r4/3?

    ans this pc will run skyrim on med/high settings at good framerates :)

    good luck, Sam
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