Enter to Win One of Three Samsung 840 Pro SSD

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  1. I hope I win.. It will be the first time I ever did.
  2. *drools*
  3. I could use this for a upcoming build :)
  4. Not to fond of these bonus entries, seems to easily exploited.
  5. toxxel said:
    Not to fond of these bonus entries, seems to easily exploited.

    May the best scripter/social engineer win... :(
  6. Yessss I cant wait to see who wins :) I hope whoever wins is very fortunate and will have a happy life :)
  7. I wish they would open these up to residents of other countries :(
  8. ALWAYS ONLY US.... :(
  9. US only again.........FRUSTRATING
  10. I know this is an american site, but any chance Canadians can enter sweepstakes, thanks!
  11. gonna use it for a book end or paper weight..... NOT!
  12. I live in the "YOU-SA"! Woohoo! :D Entered.
  13. woot ticket c8a7ef79ea8826c9c9eaf4cd2afb680615bf6341a989da10c245fd48e0fafa46
  14. Damn it! Why US only? Please make it international!
  15. Thanks for the give-a-way, Toms!
  16. Me want. Probably all I'll get is junk Email, though.
  17. We want international giveaways!!!
  18. "The contest started in April? Did I already enter? I don't remember! Why would Tom's post this twice!? If I enter again I am disqualified!? Did I enter this contest or was that the contest of the same type that was titled "Holiday 2012"? There is no way to know if I already entered? I have email confirmation from the Holiday 2012 840 Pro give-away but not this one! Did I delete the email or just not enter? It is really unlike me to miss a contest entry. I have no confirmation of entering this give-away. Did I already enter? If I accidently enter twice I am disqualified!!??"
    -The first 3 seconds inside my head after I read this headline for what seemed like the second time.
    Cruel trick, Tom... cruel trick.
  19. Sweet, my new laptop could use a faster hard drive!
  20. Just wondering do you guys sell our email address to companies to sport this give away?
  21. hey thg, you seem to have misspelled my name and place of residence horribly wrong! it happens every time!
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