How to connect VGA, DVI, and HDMI all onto one computer

So currently I have a Dell Inspiron 620s Slim Tower and I have 2 monitors both with VGA and DVI but no HDMI unfortunately, but I do have a 46" LCD TV. Now I am at the point where I have a dilemma with the wiring, the main monitor is hooked up to the computer with a DVI adapter and is using the VGA cable that it came with. The second monitor that I have is an older monitor that I used to use and decided I would use it since it just collects dust and now am trying to hook it up to the computer. Also I have the HDMI cable running through for the LCD TV and I have been using the main monitor and the TV combo for sometime now, and now I am at the issue of hooking up the second monitor. Now with DVI port and HDMI port used up I do have the remaining slot for the VGA port and I did try to hook it up but it didn't recognized as I figured. Now my main question at this point is do I need a plain DVI cable instead of the adapter version and will it work if I hook up all 3 of these in this order of DVI cable, VGA cable, and HDMI cable?
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  1. Your system will not support three displays, simultaneously. Unless you have a discrete graphics card installed that is either AMD Eyefinity or NVidia Surround capable, it will not work.

    -Wolf sends
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