Need help choosing "future proofing" case

My build has outgrown (cannot acctualy fit the 240mm rad as advertised) its current case (an azza toledo 301 that i bought because it looked cool [silly rookie mistake on my part] and it has a ludicrous 250mm fan on the side) and I think its time to move on... So after doing a bit of looking I have come up with a few that should more than do the job:

they all seem pretty similar to me I was just wondering which is "better" as far as cooling, cable management, features etc...

and the system I am running is (for now):
AMD FX-8350 (@4ghz [will be shooting for higher)
Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 (rev. 3)
Corsair H100i
HIS Iceq x2 7950 (will be getting another one [or two] in the future)
750gb hdd (upgrading to ssds soon)
2tb wd Caviar green
Seasonic X-650 (will be upgrading with the gpus)
Azza Toledo 301 case

Thanks for any help!
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  1. First of ALL... NEVER EVER EVER go with a green-class HDD, you'll get arrrrrgggghhhh SOOOO angry with slow performance.

    Secondly i'd go for 1x(2tb) caviar black if you want to combine speed with size instead of 2 standard HDD (no point if not getting SSD), or get a 64gb SSD for OS and 1tb caviar blue for everything else (unless you have really LARGE chunks of data to store).

    Thirdly : the cases are OVERPRICED and why do you want a full tower ?!!
    Even if you plan to CF a corsair carbide 300R ,Cooler Master storm enforcer, or Cooler Master CM 690 II (mid-towers) will give you PLENTY of space with reasonable price.

    Best luck in your build
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