6850 does not like new AMD drivers (13.x)

Is anyone else having issues with a 6000 series card with the newest drivers? I did the update through the AMD control center over the top of my old drivers.

The problem is that when overclocked, the card is noticeably unstable. Switching a window from one monitor to the next has some weird flicker to it. Same when I move a window around or bring it to full screen after it has been minimized.

I have not tried any games or stress testing because im sure it would fail. The screen flickering is reason enough for me to not use the new drivers. With my current drivers (installed from the disk, 11.2)

With the 11.2 drivers, I can run the card at 925mhz core clock and 1050mhz ram clock @ 1.16 volt (1160 is what is says, using saphire trixx software).

Same clocks with the new drivers cause the issue. Going to stock clocks seems to make everything fine.
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  1. AMD does not recommend installing their drivers over the old drivers like Nvidia does. You should really uninstall the old driver first for best results. If even that doesn't help, run Driver Sweeper from Safe Mode and have it remove any AMD, ATI, and Nvidia graphic driver remnants it finds. Re-boot and run CCleaner also to clean any registry errors and junk files, Then install the latest graphics driver for your card and O/S.
  2. I may try that.. though I feel like I will be wasting my time. The only reason I did it over the top of my current driver is that it seemed like it wanted to (popped up after boot up and even allowed me to download the driver via the AMD control center..)
  3. Normally you can get away with installing the new AMD driver over the old driver once or maybe twice with no issues assuming your system is kept clean of registry errors. But if you've done it a few times, garbage will build up in the Registry. I don't know why AMD never provided a self-uninstall function for their drivers like Nvidia does.
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