H60 Hydro Series with FX-8350

I am soon going to be upgrading to the FX-8350 for my long-term stable build, so I am wanting it to last me the next 4 to 5 years. So, my question is: How well would my H60 cool the FX-8350 at stock speeds? Anyone here have any personal experience with these two items together?

I don't plan on overclocking the CPU at all. I always keep my stuff at stock speeds and provide ample cooling so they last an extra long time.So, there would be no extra overhead. I am really hoping the H60 can keep the FX-8350 at around 28c idle and no more than 50c-55c under a full load for extended periods of time. I have no experience with these new piledrivers and am unsure how hot they run, so I can't really gauge this one for myself. Would the H60 be able to easily achieve the aforementioned thermals at stock speeds in a room about 72f on average?

Typical use would be (in a 72f room temp): Running heavily threaded and extremely CPU dependent software for extended periods of time (12+ hours), playing games, using a lot of virtual machines as test beds across multiple platforms, etc.

My H60 was purchased last year, so it is not one of the newer revised models, if that makes a huge difference.

Thanks in advance for the feedback.
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  1. If you're not going to overclock, there's no need for the H60 at all, but it's better than stock cooler.
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