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Device connect sound won't stay off

Greetings everyone. I ran into a strange issue where the default "Device Connected" tone periodically goes off once every few minutes. I installed Windows 8 for the first time two days ago with absolutely no issues, however this tone problem creeped up out of nowhere late yesterday evening. After some reading on the web, this issue appears to be widespread among Windows 7/8 users, regardless of motherboard or devices.

Here is a list of my attempted (and failed) fixes; the chime still persisted in each case:

- Disconnected all items plugged into USB ports
- Disconnected internet (ethernet) port
- Downloaded the latest Windows 8 updates
- Went into sound options to mute all Windows warning chimes. While this did get rid of the chime, I noticed while watching YouTube videos that the sound blanks out at the same intermittent period as when the chime was previously going off.

Some possible ideas I was going to try after I get home today:

- I read about a suggestion where uninstalling the USB drivers and then restarting the system could solve things? Is this safe to do or will my USB ports brick upon doing this?
- I checked Asus's website for driver updates; there does appear to be a few updates as early as last month, such as a BIOS update that "Enhances compatibility with some USB devices". I'm reluctant to mess with the BIOS/drivers in worry of bricking my board though, plus there are so many choices for mobo drivers.....which one(s) should I choose?
- Try reseating the onboard USB 2/3 ports in case something is loose.

My system information:
* Windows 8 64-bit OEM
* Asus P9X79 Pro motherboard
* G. Skill 4x4 gb RAM quad channel, 1600 Mhz
* Western Digital 1 tb HDD
* Samsung 840 series SSD
* i7-3930k processor

Thanks in advance for your valuable input!
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  1. Ok well I think I diagnosed the problem.....apparently it's the lime on-board 2-channel audio output! I plugged my speakers into the front I/O headphone port and viola, gone! Inputting a headset into the on-board lime input also reproduces the issue....I'll investigate the issue further and start a new thread after trying a few things.
  2. Did you ever figure this problem out? I looked for another thread but didn't find one, because I'm having the same issues. The notification sound will suddenly go off and usually the music or program I'm running will no longer have audio until I reselect the output.

    Unfortunately my current sound devices use the audio jacks, and I'm in the middle of getting an RMA resolved with my case's front audio jacks so they are N/A.

    If you did post a new thread, I apologize, can you direct me to it? Thanks.
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    Yes, I did post a solution in a different thread, but I remember how I solved it. All I did was download the latest drivers for my motherboard, and all gone! Give it a shot and hopefully that will solve your problem too.
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