Crashing applications, Bluescreens and poor performance in some areas.

Some of my games (League of Legends particularly) have been crashing lately. My computer has been crashing and occasionally i get a blue screen that disappears too quickly to read the error code. I reinstalled Windows 7 earlier today, the error still occurs.

I recently did a memtest86 via bootable USB drive, as I am no genius after about an hour I received 49000 errors. I know this isn't right and is probably very bad. This PC is about 14 months old and have no issues until now. I'd just like to know
Why this has happened?
How Significant is this amount of errors? and
How could I fix it? (Potentially delay buying new RAM)

RAM: G.Skill 8gb F312800CL10-8GBXL
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  1. If the ram you've listed is what you are currently running, try one module at a time, see if you can isolate a bad module. Also I think you might want to contact GSkill about RMA - that kit has a lifetime warranty, they should work with you to get you up and running proper.
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