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Hi GUYS,my processor was heating upto to 85C while gaming,after installing cooler it came down to 70-74C,after that under advanced power settings i turned down the maximum processor usage to 50%,now my processor runs at 55C-58C max.But core temp shows my processor is running at 1596MHZ,i think it reduced my clock speed.My question is will this damage my processor??
my system specs:
intel core i5-2400 3.1GHZ
4GB ram
GTX 660 asus
cooler master hyper tx3 evo
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  1. The published thermal parameter is a max temp of 72.6°C ( ). Depending on which sensor you are reading, there was a problem with a spurious reading: .

    Running at less than stock speed will not damage the processor. It will, however, slow you down. I'm not familiar with the BIOS setting you mentioned, so I don't know if that will underclock or not.

    If you are new to mounting coolers (forgive me if you are an old hand), read some articles on how to apply the thermal paste. It's incredibly important to get it optimal. Good luck.
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